[WEMIX] What is WEMIX?

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WEMIX is a blockchain based Global Gaming Platform developed by Wemade Tree Pte. Ltd that is subsidiary company of WEMADE as its flagship blockchain gaming services arm.

WEMADE is a gaming company serving the Gaming market for more than 20 years and publicly traded at Kosdaq (Korea Stock Exchange). The company holds more than 40 renowned game IPs including ChuanQi, the legendary AAA game in China, reaching over 500 million users.

Wemade Tree is currently developing blockchain IDLE RPG <Cryptornado> and other Mobile games from WEMADE IP such as ChuanQi, etc. These games are well-made high quality games that were recorded at least few million to max 100 million+ downloads. Also the games from Third-party developers will be launched in Wemix soon.

For the mass adoption, Wemade Tree signed a partnership with Kakao blockchain company “Ground X” to conduct a Governance inter-participation.

Following from partnership, Klaytn join WEMIX as a Block partner. Block partner runs the Node, generates the blocks and makes an important decision in Governance.

WEMIX Homepage :

For detailed information, please check out our Whitepaper in the homepage linked above.

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WEMIX is a Sustainable Blockchain Game Platform!