[WEMIX] Two New Casual Games joined WEMIX!

Here I’m providing a quick Keynotes for the News :

  • Two Brand New Casual Mobile games joined WEMIX
  • BIRDTORNADO for WEMIX (Working title) / AQUA for WEMIX (Working title)
  • Plan to launch in First and Second half of 2020 each


BIRDTORNADO is a Casual Danmaku(“Bullet curtain” or “Curtain fire”) shooting game comes with a bubbly birds and numerous missiles.
This game will be sharing a same TORNADO token with CRYPTORNADO game, which will bring a synergy on token economics.
If you want the challenge and prove yourself a bulletproof, BIRDTORNADO will be a good choice.


AQUA(as Aquarium) is a Casual Idle game that player gets to build and decorate own Aqua world with full of exotic and fancy marine creatures.
If you want to feel comfort and healing, this is the game you are looking for.



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