[WEMIX] Telegram Channel — Welcome Event (Extended)

“Join our Telegram Channel — Welcome Event”

Total 6,000 USDT will be given out! and there will be a winners every week!

How to Participate:

  1. Join WEMIX Telegram Channel & Group
    Channel — https://t.me/WemixNetworkAnnounce
    ENG Group — https://t.me/WemixNetworkENG
    KOR Group — https://t.me/WemixNetworkKOR
    CHN Group — https://t.me/WemixNetworkCHN
    ESP Group — https://t.me/WemixNetworkESP

Campaign Period:

  • From March 30th GMT 06:00 to April 27th GMT 06:00
  • 1st week : March 30th GMT 06:00 ~ April 6th GMT 05:59
  • 2nd week : April 6th GMT 06:00 ~ April 13th GMT 05:59
  • 3rd week : April 13th GMT 06:00 ~ April 20th GMT 05:59
  • 4th week : April 20th GMT 06:00 ~ April 27th GMT 06:00

Winners :

  • 1st week : 600 USDT (Random x20)
  • 2nd week : 900 USDT (Random x30)
  • 3rd week : 1,500 USDT (Random x50)
  • 4th week : 3,000 USDT (Random x100)
  • 30 USDT reward will be distributed to random winners
  • Winners notice : Next Thursday every week

Event Cautions :

  • Users who already joined can also enroll for WEMIX Welcome Event .
  • Joining any group out of ENG, CHN, KOR, ESP groups will be counted as event enrolled.
  • If you get out of Telegram group, you won’t be qualified as a winner
  • This event complies with the terms of service and the privacy policy of WEMIX


WEMIX is a blockchain gaming platform developed by Wemade Tree Pte. Ltd, providing a service of cryptocurrency wallet, token exchange, game item trade and the gateway to the game. Wemade Tree Pte. Ltd is subsidiary of Wemade that developed and owned an IP of ‘The Legend of Mir’ played by 500 Million users.

These games will be launched in WEMIX platform



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