[WEMIX] BirdTornado Wiki — Game Contents

  • Boss Battle
  • Lucky Chance
  • Potential upgrade

Boss Battle

Boss battle is a Challenging content to fight with all type of boss monsters. As you clear the stage, difficulty gets extremely harder. For those of you who are willing to see the numerous missiles, this is the content you are looking for.
More you defeat, more goods you can get!

Boss Battle
  • Lots of Gold
  • EXP
  • Ruby
  • Golden Key
  • Stage 2 (Plain 2) needs to be cleared
  • Skillful finger

Lucky Chance

Lucky chance is a content player can achieve TORNADO & Gold by spinning a wheel of fortune. You need to have a 5 Golden keys to spin the wheel, and the maximum TORNADO reward you can expect is 200,000 TORNADO! Golden Key can be obtained from the stage and Boss battle.

Lucky Chance
  • Gold
  • TORNADO (Game token)
  • 5 Golden keys for 1 Spin

Potential Upgrade

Potential upgrade helps player to shoot down the bird monsters efficiently. When the EXP reaches its’ maximum, you get to level up. Every time you level up, you will get one chance of Potential upgrade. Upgrading potential is random and if you spend Ruby, you will be able double the upgrade!
(Strongly suggest to upgrade it double since it goes permanently)

Passive Skills
  • Potential Upgrade
  • Upgrade chance(Level up)
  • Ruby(Only if want double upgrade)
  • Max HP Bonus — Max HP increase
  • Damage Bonus —Damage increase
  • Critical Chance Bonus — Critical Chance increase
  • Projectile Speed Bonus — Projectile speed increase
  • Reload Speed Bonus —Reload speed increase
  • Knockback Bonus — Knockback distance increase
  • Flinch Bonus — Monster flinch time increase
  • Evasion Bonus —Evasion chance increase
  • Level-Up HP Bonus —Recovering HP on level up increase


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