[WEMIX] BiKi Exchange WEMIX Token Listing Events

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Hello, this is WEMIX Team.

Today we brought an exciting News of WEMIX.

As a Second token listing, WEMIX Token will be listed in Global cryptocurrency Exchange BiKi.

To celebrate WEMIX Token listing, we are having 5 events with a total reward of 200,000 WEMIX this time!

Here we are summarizing the Listing Info & Events below.

BiKi Exchange is a global digital currency trading and blockchain technology service provider. The platform is committed to creating the safest, most stable and efficient digital currency trading platform for users around the world. At present, it supports many languages ​​such as Chinese and English, and serves nearly 100 countries and regions, with over 3 million registered users worldwide.

BiKi platform will be opening deposit, withdrawal and trading for WEMIX/USDT and the details are as follows :

1) Opening time for deposit: 2020 Dec. 30th 07:00 (GMT)

2) Opening time for trading: 2021 Jan. 6th, 07:00 (GMT)

3) Opening time for withdrawal: 2021 Jan. 7th, 07:00 (GMT)

There will total 5 Events to share 200,000 WEMIX reward pool to celebrate WEMIX Token listing in BiKi Exchange.

Event 1. <WEMIX Deposit Event#1>

  • Total 30,000 WEMIX will be distributed to all users deposit at least 500 WEMIX

Event 2. <WEMIX Deposit Event#2>

  • Total 10,000 WEMIX will be distributed to 100 users who first deposit at least 500 WEMIX

Event 3. <Trading Event#1>

  • Total 80,000 WEMIX will be distributed to all users who trade WEMIX during the event period
  • Total 8 Rounds, 10,000 WEMIX per round

Event 4. <Trading Event#2>

  • A total of 70,000 WEMIX will be distributed TOP 100 users during the event period
  • Top 100 users : Cumulative trading volumes of WEMIX

Event 5. <WEMIX PR Event>

  • Total 10,000 WEMIX will be distributed to 500 users who promote Listing Event

WEMIX Token Info

Token name : WEMIX (WEMIX)
Token type : Klaytn
Issue date : 2020 June 17th
Homepage : https://wemixnetwork.com/
Consensus algorithm : BFT / Sha256
Total supply : 1,000,000,000 WEMIX
Circulating amount : 61,781,083 WEMIX
Whitepaper : https://che.wemixnetwork.net/hm/rsc/whitepaper.pdf
WEMIX Token Contract : https://scope.klaytn.com/token/0x5096db80b21ef45230c9e423c373f1fc9c0198dd?tabId=kctTransfer

For more information, please refer to Event announcement from BiKi Exchange!

Event Link : https://www.biki.com/en_US/noticeInfo/3972

We will come back with better News, so Stay Tuned!

Thank you

Sneak Peek — Another good News coming this week!


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