[WEMIX] 1st Round of “KLAY + WEMIX Bombard” Ended / 2nd Round coming soon

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Hello, this is WEMIX Team!

With all your love and interest, our 1st Round of “KLAY + WEMIX BOMBARD” has ended on GMT Feb 7th 06:00.

List of 1st Round Winners will be released in next week along with a reward distribution date!

Here I’m providing a Final snapshot of Feb 7th GMT 06:00 above.

2nd Promotion is supposed to be starting next week.
However, we wanted to provide users a better service environment and promotion contents, so we decided to postpone the schedule of 2nd Round Launching Promotion.

2nd Round Promotion date will be released as soon as the schedule is settled.

Awesome games like ‘ChuanQi H5 for WEMIX’, ‘Wind Runner for WEMIX’, ‘Candy Pang for WEMIX’, ‘EveryTown for WEMIX’, etc are preparing in WEMIX platform starting with ‘Cryptornado for WEMIX’, so stay tuned!

WEMIX team is pushing forward to be a front-runner of blockchain gaming industry to provide “easy to use” blockchain service for everyone.

Thank you

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