[Preview] <CrypTornado for WEMIX> Update Preview

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Hello, this is WEMIX Team.

Today we are going to provide a preview of <CrypTornado for WEMIX> Next Update that is planned for October!

  • Logical Tower is a content Seasonal challenging tower that players get to break through each floor to achieve an Honor & Rewards.
  • Logical Tower consists of total 100 floors. Season ends every week and there will be a various rewards for the challenge result.
  • In Logical Tower, maximum 30 players will be grouped to compete each other based on the records every season.
  • Random Peculiarity will be given in Logical Tower every week.
  • Logical Tower participants can get a rewards like craft materials, Reforge resource, and gears that can only be obtained from Logical Tower based on the records.
  • Reforge is another gear power-up system that can change options randomly.
  • Player gets to choose one option to change. When the option change is proceeded, there will be three options to choose : 1 original options and 2 random options. Player can choose one of three options, then the option will be replaced to new option.
  • In Reforge screen, players will be able to check the list of available options for each gear parts.
  • Players will be able to acquire a new gear for Logical Tower reward & 100th floor clear reward.
  • Gear Max level is now unlocked to 510 levels.
  • Limit break will not be available over 480 levels. Any leftover enhancement chance can be spent.
  • Excavation Ranking reward range will be expanded. Also the Lucky number system will be improved for participants to have a more chance to win. (Developing)
  • Every Excavation result was depended on the First Excavation result.
    Now Excavation logic will be changed in better way.
  • Excavation effect will be improved.
  • In-game user interface improvement including a maximum capacity of Inventory slot expand, etc will be updated.

※ Update notes & schedule may be changed based on the development status.

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