[Press_Release] WEMIX Token-KLAY Swap Service Added on WEMIX Wallet

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WEMIX Token-KLAY Swap Service Added on WEMIX Wallet

  • WEMIX Token and KLAY can be swapped on WEMIX Wallet, using KLAYswap
  • WEMIX Token and Wallet expected to become more versatile
  • ‘No gas fee for users’ is the prime merit

Wemade Tree announced that WEMIX Token-KLAY swap service is added on its WEMIX Wallet.

Wemade Tree users can store WEMIX Token and game tokens earned by playing in WEMIX Wallet, based on its own blockchain platform WEMIX. Users can store WEMIX Token and game tokens earned by playing in WEMIX Wallet, and the Wallet also offers DEX(decentralized exchange) where the tokens can be swapped. NFT Market was launched this June in the Wallet, where game NFTs are also stored and traded.

KLAY, the cryptocurrency issued by GroundX, the blockchain subsidiary of Kakao, is currently listed on many exchanges including Binance.

Simple and easy swap between KLAY and WEMIX Token is now supported on WEMIX Wallet. KLAY holders now don’t need to use exchanges or other apps or services to swap their KLAY with WEMIX Token to enjoy WEMIX’s services. Wemade Tree will pay gas fees for transactions, so users who own no KLAY can swap their WEMIX Token with KLAY easily and swiftly.

Wemade Tree explained this was made possible by utilizing KLAYswap, the DeFi service of Kakao’s blockchain platform Klaytn. The addition of WEMIX Token-KLAY swap service is expected to give more versatility and accessibility to WEMIX Token and Wallet while also drawing more users, they said.

This swap service is expected to be favorable news for the recently-launched game MIR4 Global as well. MIR4 Global has shown phenomenal performance; fast-growing numbers of global users and sales, and ranking in top 10 in Steam, a global game platform, prove its immediate success. Users can gain dark steel, the essential resource in MIR4 Global, and exchange it to DRACO, MIR4 Global’s utility coin, which can then be exchanged to WEMIX Token on WEMIX Wallet. Now, with the easy and quick swap service between WEMIX Token and KLAY available, the door to the new paradigm ‘play to earn’ is open wider than ever to its global users.

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WEMIX is Blockchain Gaming Platform developed by Wemade Tree Pte. Ltd, providing services including Cryptocurrency Wallet, Token Exchange, Game Item Trade and Game Gateway. Wemade Tree Pte. Ltd is subsidiary of Wemade, the Developer and Owner of “The Legend of Mir” IP, highly successful game with over 500 Million users.

Current servicing games are <BirdTornado for WEMIX>, <Cryptornado for WEMIX>, Legend of Mir IP game <CaiShenChuanqi for WEMIX>, and <MIR4> launched in Global.

Upcoming WEMIX Games Lineups are following : <AquaTornado for WEMIX>, <Fishing Strike for WEMIX>, <WIND Runner for WEMIX>, <Abyssrium for WEMIX>, <Icarus M for WEMIX>, <Candy Pang for WEMIX>, <Everytown for WEMIX>, <My Secret Bistro for WEMIX>, <Touch Fighter for WEMIX> and <Chuanqi Mobile for WEMIX>.

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