[Press_Release]WEMIX Onboarding — Kairos Global by Tigon Mobile

2 min readJun 30, 2022


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  • Second collaboration with Tigon Mobile after Yulgang Global
  • Various contents and unique characters
  • Expanding the WEMIX platform with the partnership

WEMIX team is onboarding Kairos Global by Tigon Mobile on the WEMIX platform.

Tigon Mobile, a subsidiary of Longtu Korea, has already published a P&E game Yulgang Global on the WEMIX platform back in April.

Kairos Global, which is to onboard the WEMIX platform, used the IP of Kairos: Lighter of Darkness by Longtu Korea that reached 800,000 downloads and raised $40 million in revenue in Korea. The game will offer boss battles, naval battles, mine capture and more to present powerful action and the fun of growing characters.

Kairos Global will be implementing Tigon token (TIG) that is actively being used in Yulgang Global. TIG, a utility token of Tigon Mobile that already exists on the WEMIX platform, can be used to purchase, or exchange in-game resources and items.

“Our P&E ecosystem is expanding at a smooth pace,” said an affiliate from Tigon Mobile. “We will do our best to onboard more of our games like Kairos Global on the WEMIX platform and implement our Tigon token (TIG) to create a firm base in the P&E field.”

“Wemade is happy to onboard a well-made MMORPG Kairos Global on the WEMIX platform,” said an affiliate from Wemade. “We will support Kairos Global so it can gain success in the global blockchain game market.”


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