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3 min readMay 30, 2022


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  • Strategic investment in XXBLUE, a subsidiary of Seoul Auction Blue
  • Provides digital art contents
  • Long-term value investment for expanding NFT business and discovering new projects

The WEMIX team announced a strategic investment in a limited edition digital contents company, XXBLUE.

XXBLUE is a subsidiary of Seoul Auction Blue, which owns famous artworks and digital art contents IPs, and curates verified contents.

Seoul Auction Blue is a subsidiary of Korea’s biggest art auction company, Seoul Action. This art-specialized company operates an online platform called SOTWO, which offers group purchases to the public.

Last year, XXBLUE launched its NFT contents in the market for more people to enjoy and own artworks, and to become a platform that encourages good relationships between the creators and collectors.

Wemade decided on this investment to expand its NFT business and discover new projects. XXBLUE will help to enrich the ecosystem and promote the launch of the upcoming mainnet, WEMIX3.0, scheduled to launch on June 15th.

NILE, a combination of NFT and DAO, will present a service that utilizes fandoms and memberships.

“We’re glad to have received investment from the WEMIX team, a pioneer of blockchain and NFT business,” said Jungbong Lee, CEO of XXBLUE. “We will prepare everything without any setbacks, and we hope to receive good synergy on our NFT business.”

“Our team will launch WEMIX3.0, the mainnet, based on utility coin WEMIX and 100% fully collateralized stablecoin WEMIX dollar. The platform will have a complete set of DAO, NFT and DeFi,” said Henry Chang, CEO of Wemade. “With XXBLUE, whose expertise lies in fine arts, we will raise the economic value of NFT.”


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