[Press_Release] Wemade Invests In Hashed Venture Fund II

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  • Joined as an LP of Hashed Venture Fund II, managed by Hashed Ventures, Inc., the GP entity of blockchain VC firm Hashed
  • Wemade continues to focus on blockchain business

Wemade joined as a LP investor in Hashed’s second venture fund.

Hashed Ventures, Inc., the GP entity of crypto VC firm Hashed, is raising funds for its second blockchain fund, Hashed Venture Fund II. Hashed Venture Fund I, the first blockchain fund in Korea, was launched by Hashed Ventures Inc. in Dec 2020. The firm is raising funds for the second fund, only one year after the launch of the initial fund.

Like the first fund, the second fund will be funded by major technology firms and conglomerates. Naver and Krafton, which invested in Hashed Venture Fund I, will also participate as LPs for the second fund. The investor list also includes SK, LG, Com2uS, F&F, Musinsa, and Hybe.

Hashed’s CEO Simon Kim, a blockchain expert, is the lead fund manager. The biggest blockchain VC in Asia, Hashed has invested in numerous blockchain projects, including Axie Infinity, Terra, Sandbox, Dydx, and Klaytn, which were met with great returns.

Hashed believes that economic activities will transition from the real world to the virtual world and metaverses, thus focusing the investment scope on blockchain and metaverse sectors, which rely on a protocol-based economy.

Independently, Wemade is also actively investing in blockchain firms. With this investment, Wemade aims to accelerate the expansion of the WEMIX ecosystem, and Wemade will work on nurturing the blockchain industry with Hashed by discovering new, promising projects.

“We will cooperate with the different blockchains to expand the WEMIX ecosystem,” said Henry Chang, CEO of Wemade. “In particular, the partnership with Hashed, which is a leading firm in the global blockchain industry, will open up unique opportunities.”


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