[Press_Release] Wemade Announces Supercat’s Games Will Be On-boarded On WEMIX Platform

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  • ‘Granny’s House’, developed and currently serviced by Supercat, will join the WEMIX platform
  • Will be on-boarded on the WEMIX platform to be serviced globally

Wemade signed an MOU with Supercat and agreed to on-board the latter’s games on its WEMIX platform.

Blockchain technology will be applied to Supercat’s games to be serviced on Wemade’s blockchain platform, WEMIX, for the global market.

Wemade is fully committed to expansion of the WEMIX ecosystem and blockchain business in general. Popularity of <MIR4>, which recently hit 1.3 million concurrent users in the global market, keeps on growing fast. Wemade aims to service 100 games whose key currency is WEMIX Token.

Supercat, known as the company that developed The Kingdom of the Winds: Yeon, is servicing hit titles including Granny’s House, which has been downloaded more than 18 million times in 145 countries. The company signed a license deal for the IP of Disc Station, a classic RPG, last July. Currently, Supercat is developing the game as a mobile casual RPG, applying its 2D dot graphic know-how.

‘Granny’s House’ is slated to be the first Supercat game to be serviced on WEMIX. Wemade believes the unique, horror-escape genre game will add diversity to the WEMIX ecosystem.

“We are very glad to sign an MOU with Wemade, the company that makes imagination a reality in many cultural areas,” said Youngeul Kim, CEO of Supercat. “On-boarding Supercat’s games on the WEMIX platform is expected to create a tremendous synergy effect for both parties.”

“Supercat has global service know-how and various games; we have high hopes that on-boarding its games on WEMIX will bring great success,” said Henry Chang, CEO of Wemade. “We will help Supercat’s well-made games build their blockchain economy efficiently and promptly.”


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Games currently being serviced are <BirdTornado for WEMIX>, <Cryptornado for WEMIX>, Legend of Mir IP game <CaiShenChuanqi for WEMIX>, and <MIR4> launched in global.

Upcoming WEMIX Games Lineups are following : <AquaTornado for WEMIX>, <Fishing Strike for WEMIX>, <WIND Runner for WEMIX>, <Abyssrium for WEMIX>, <Icarus M for WEMIX>, <Candy Pang for WEMIX>, <Everytown for WEMIX>, <My Secret Bistro for WEMIX>, <Touch Fighter for WEMIX>, <Chuanqi Mobile for WEMIX> and <Yul Hyul Kang Ho for WEMIX>.

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