[Press_Release] Wemade and Clover Games Signed an MOU For WEMIX Platform Business Cooperation

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  • Clover Games, a gaming company behind Lord of Heroes, joined WEMIX platform
  • New paradigm of P&E(Play and Earn)

Wemade and Clover Games signed an MOU for WEMIX platform business cooperation.

Wemade presented the new paradigm of P&E(play and earn) where players can earn resources while enjoying game playing. It is currently servicing various games on the global market, and MIR4 achieved an unprecedented success.

Wemaid continues to work with many game developing companies; the aim is to service 100 games whose key currency is the WEMIX Token prior to 2022 year-end.

Lord Of Heroes, Clover Games’ first game, won an Excellence Award at Google Play 2020 Awards and Grand Prix at 2020 Korea Game Awards. Earning more than 20 billion KRW, the game proved to be a genuine hit both in quality and commerciality.

More than half of its users are Gen Z. The company is a trend leader, offering various goods and YouTube live broadcasts. It was selected as a Preliminary Unicorn by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

“By cooperating with Wemade, the leader of the blockchain ecosystem, we will share the new value of P&E with the global users,” said SungKuk Yoon, CEO of Clover Games.

“Clover Games has an excellent game development ability, and we are glad to welcome the company on our WEMIX platform”, said Henry Chang, CEO of Wemade. “We will do our best to help Clover Games preoccupy the global blockchain game market.”


WEMIX is Blockchain Gaming Platform developed by Wemade Tree Pte. Ltd, providing services including Cryptocurrency Wallet, Token Exchange, Game Item Trade and Game Gateway. Wemade Tree Pte. Ltd is subsidiary of Wemade, the Developer and Owner of “The Legend of Mir” IP, highly successful game with over 500 Million users.

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