[ANN] WEMIX Token Single-staking Launches pre-notice

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Hello, this is WEMIX Team.

Here we are giving a notice ahead regarding WEMIX Token Single-staking launching plan that WEMIX Team has been preparing.

As a part of ecosystem program for WEMIX Token holders, users will be able to stake WEMIX Token to get WEMIX Token reward through WEMIX Token Single-staking service that will be launched within 2021.

WEMIX Team is also putting an effort into providing additional benefits such as game token airdrop in addition to WEMIX Token rewards when staking WEMIX Token. Starting with WEMIX Token staking service, we wish for your interest & support in WEMIX Platform token economy.

WEMIX Team will develop with WEMIX Token holders to build a sustainable blockchain ecosystem together.

More details and schedule will be provided with a separate announcement later.

Thank you,


WEMIX is Blockchain Gaming Platform developed by Wemade Tree Pte. Ltd, providing services including Cryptocurrency Wallet, Token Exchange, Game Item Trade and Game Gateway. Wemade Tree Pte. Ltd is subsidiary of Wemade, the Developer and Owner of “The Legend of Mir” IP, highly successful game with over 500 Million users.

Games currently being serviced are following :
<BirdTornado for WEMIX>, <Cryptornado for WEMIX>, Legend of Mir IP game <CaiShenChuanqi for WEMIX>, and <MIR4> launched in global.

Upcoming WEMIX Games Lineups are following : <ROS for WEMIX>, <GalaxyTornado for WEMIX>, <AquaTornado for WEMIX>, <Fishing Strike for WEMIX>, <WIND Runner for WEMIX>, <Abyssrium for WEMIX>, <Icarus M for WEMIX>, <Candy Pang for WEMIX>, <Everytown for WEMIX>, <My Secret Bistro for WEMIX>, <Touch Fighter for WEMIX>, <Chuanqi Mobile for WEMIX> and <Yul Hyul Kang Ho for WEMIX>.

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WEMIX is a Sustainable Blockchain Game Platform!