[ANN] SK Square joins WEMIX as a Governance Partner

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Greetings from WEMIX Team,

We are glad to announce and inform you that “SK Square”, one of the most prominent IT companies in South Korea, has joined the WEMIX platform as a new Governance Partner.

By participating as a governance partner, SK Square will be involved in key decisions of the WEMIX platform and its ecosystem as it operates nodes and generates the blocks.

Through this partnership, the WEMIX Platform will ensure its enhanced reliability and stability more than ever and will continue to expand the WEMIX ecosystem.

Our team will do its best to build and develop more and more reliable, safe, and ever-evolving services within the ecosystem.

Thank you,
WEMIX team.


WEMIX is Blockchain Gaming Platform developed by WEMIX Pte. Ltd, providing services including Cryptocurrency Wallet, Token Decentralized Exchange, NFT Item Marketplace, WEMIX Staking and the Game Gateway. WEMIX Pte. Ltd is a Blockchain business dept. of Wemade, the Developer and Owner of “The Legend of Mir” IP, highly successful game with over 500 Million users.

WEMIX Games in Live service now
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<CrypTornado on WEMIX>
<CaiShenChuanQi(财神传奇) on WEMIX>
<GalaxyTornado on WEMIX>
<Rise of Stars(ROS) on WEMIX>
<Gunship Battle: CRYPTO CONFLICT>
<Yulgang Global>
<Dark Eden M on WEMIX>
<Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX>
<Four Gods On WEMIX>

Upcoming WEMIX Games Line-up
<BLADE : Re.Action on WEMIX>
<FishingTornado on WEMIX>
<AquaTornado on WEMIX>
<My Secret Bistro>
<Riders of Icarus>

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