[ANN] <KINGDOM HUNTER> Pre-Registration and Airdrop Event

1 min readJun 24, 2022


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Hello, this is WEMIX team.

We are happy to announce a Pre-registration and airdrop event of <KINGDOM HUNTER>!

We ask for your lot of interest in <KINGDOM HUNTER> Pre-Registration and Airdrop Event, and Lord Coins, which will be used as a main currency in the game, will be distributed to the participants so don’t miss your chance to earn rewards.

[Pre-registration Schedule]
- 2022, April 28th ~ Official Launch

[Lord Coin Airdrop Event schedule]
- 2022, June 20th ~ 2022, July 24th 15:00 (GMT)

※ Please take note that the event schedule may change according to circumstances.

[Pre-registration Page]
- https://playredfox.com/kingdomhunter/YARCY5676697#main02

[Pre-registration Airdrop Event]
- https://gleam.io/7RBlB/kingdom-hunter-lordcoin-airdropen?gsr=7RBlB-XCvDlLIGp7

[Market Link]
Google Play

App Store

Thank you,
WEMIX team.


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